Dissertation Policy

NATIONAL MA EDUCATION (WALES) DISSERTATION AND SUPERVISION POLICY Overview This Policy aims to ensure a consistent national approach to the support, supervision and ethics approach of students’ research for the dissertation element of the National MA Education (Wales) programme.  It will apply to the National MA Education (Wales) and its pathways only, irrespective of which […]

Module Evalution Policy

National MA Education (Wales) National Module Evaluation Policy 1.     Scope This Policy governs the approach to module evaluation at National level for the National MA Education (Wales), to ensure a consistent approach across all participating institutions, and to ensure a consistent student experience regardless of location of study. 3.             Principles 4.     Module Evaluation data analysis […]

Lecture Recording Policy

National MA Education (Wales) National Lecture and Content Recording Policy Aberystwyth Bangor Cardiff Metropolitan Glyndwr University Swansea University University of South Wales University of Wales Trinity Saint David Students should be informed of any decisions not to record sessions, and the reasons for it, prior to the delivery of each session affected. Relevant learning materials […]

Assessment and Feedback Policy

National MA Education (Wales) National Assessment & Feedback Policy Policy Summary This Policy works with the local Assessment and Feedback Policies within the Participating Intuitions of the National MA Education (Wales) partnership to ensure consistency of approach and student experience across the national partnership. As a result, and where there is divergence between local and […]

National Complaints procedure

National MA Education (Wales) Complaints Procedure The National MA Education (Wales) Partnership is committed to providing a high-quality experience for its students, supported by appropriate academic, administrative and welfare support services and facilities. However, there will be instances when students may feel dissatisfied with the teaching and learning, facilities or services provided by the partnership. […]